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No matter if you’re a young, inspired graduate looking to secure your first industry role, or a mid-level professional who has fallen out of love with their current profession — CareersKitchen can provide the advice, guidance, tools and resources you need to embark on a career path that perfectly matches your aspirations and future goals.

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Why Choose CareersKitchen:

  • Not your everyday ‘job coach’. We utilise a range of tools to develop an understanding of your interests and goals while exploring your career potential.
  • Digital program that you can do anytime you want. Maximum benefits with minimal disruption to your everyday life
  • Discover more about what you are truly passionate about, inspired by, and good at. With this knowledge, the business world is your oyster
  • Data-driven tools to get you on track to happiness and fulfilment
  • Our program caters to the needs of both graduates and established professionals. You can pick whichever version suits your needs and budget, and in time you will reap the rewards
  • We offer a holistic approach to career development including coaching activities, psychometrics and career advice.
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The CareersKitchen Story — Why We Help Graduates and Early Professionals

So many of us struggled to find the right process and support we needed to choose a career path. We decided it was time that that changed, so why not be the ones who create the solution? That solution is CareersKitchen.

Nora, Founder of CareersKitchen

Nora's Story

When I was at University, my peers were full of drive and passion and would pursue a multitude of diverse interests. It was such an inspiring time! The future was bright. We had exciting careers to look forward to and could not wait to explore what was to come.

But then we graduated…

My peers struggled to match job opportunities with what was meaningful to them. The difficulty to find and pursue a career path that not only excited but also fulfilled them lead to their passion being lost in translation and their vision for their professional future becoming somewhat blurred. I watched many aspiring (and inspiring) young professionals new to the job market apply to positions and make career choices, not inspired by what they really wanted to do, but instead based on the status of a company.

Fast forward a few years…

Many of the same people I went to University with, who were once bursting with excitement and passion, are now in their second job feeling unfulfilled and unhappy. The thrill of earning their 'first salary' has worn off and the 'reality' of doing unfulfilling work, day in and day out, has sunk in. These are just a few examples of the many people out there who pursue a job, not a career. I observed many of them after years in a position that didn't suit them, asking themselves:

  • What do I really want?
  • What does success look like to me?
  • How can I work towards a career that is both meaningful and allows me to use my skill set?

This sparked something and made me ask myself how many people out there are struggling with this exact problem but cannot find a solution.

So, I decided to take action!

I could not write these words and urge people to pursue a career path that is meaningful to them if my own path did not satisfy my personal and professional aspirations. But I am writing these words, and CareersKitchen was born, with a mission to help early professionals make wiser career decisions based on a clear understanding of what suits their unique skill set and what work will fulfil them.

While the catalyst for CareersKitchen may have been the struggle for young professionals to get on the career ladder, our system is designed to suit the needs of many. Our premium program is catered to suit the needs of both up-and-coming in need of their big break and fully-established mid-level professionals who are desperate for a change. No matter what stage of your career you are at, you should be able to (and can) make the choices and changes to make your work life enjoyable and fulfilling.

Andrew's Story

If you are old enough to remember, when choosing your university course you used to open up a big UCAS book and browse through the course titles. There wasn't a great deal of information about what the courses involved, but whatever you chose, you wanted it to sound impressive to your family, friends and teachers! For me, when I was at school, it was always assumed I would go to university, get a degree and then a job. That's the standard career path, right? The thing is, that wasn't my plan. That was the plan based on where I was and who I was surrounded by. The demographic defined my future. I had friends who thought they wanted to be doctors and lawyers. Now, I am in touch with those same friends, but they are no longer in the jobs they had planned for themselves.

Everyone like me eventually found something more aligned to their interests, something that pushed them to get out of bed and go to work every day. Everybody should have that choice. To decide their own future, and make that decision based on their own capabilities and desires. It's hard to come to terms with all the opportunities that are out there, but I don't believe that any opportunity should be limited by a postcode, school, family legacy or any other factor. Understanding your strengths and finding a career suited to your interests is the only way to really succeed.

It is our purpose to provide as many people as we can with an accessible, affordable way to gain clarity on what a meaningful career is to them, discover the strengths they can leverage, and powerfully progress towards a career that truly fulfils them.

We’re Here To Help You Grow

Our Purpose & Core Beliefs
  • Meaningful Work is Impactful Work
    Meaningful work not only benefits your career, but it has a positive impact on your entire life.
  • Self Discovery Supports Self Confidence
    The combination of your own intuition and the brilliant journey of self-discovery will spark a brand new level of self confidence and career vision
  • Everybody Has a Part to Play
    You are the author of your own story. Just because you are yet to find your dream job or even know what it is, that doesn’t mean it isn’t out there.
    We can help you make that discovery and change your life.

Our Career Development Program

For many people, a job is simply a way to earn money to finance the various aspects of their life. This means that lots of people work, day in and day out, in jobs that they neither like or are passionate about. It's a means to an end. But what about those of us who aspire for more, for a career path that excites us, engages us and makes us eager to see what tomorrow brings. CareersKitchen is the result of seeing many graduates fail to find jobs that suited their aspirate and talents, as well as established professionals who ended up in an industry that simply didn't suit them. But it's never too late for a change.

Our fully-digital program provides action-oriented digital coaching with psychometric insights and data-driven career advice that empowers you to define a career that suits and fulfils you. On top of that, we support you on your career path with ongoing goal setting, self-development tools and optional continued coaching.

We offer a structured path to your dream career with a program that guides you through four levels of a holistic approach, helping you find clarity and navigate your career path strategically. Our course is tailored to suit your needs, but our top priority is to help you discover more about yourself and unlock your full potential. There is an industry out there waiting for your talents, and we can help you to find it, while providing the necessary tools to secure your place there.

Want to know more about our digital career structure program? Check out the information on our ‘Our Program’ page or get in touch if you have any questions.

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Taking the first step onto the career ladder is a very exciting, often scary but ultimately brilliant journey. The tricky part is having a sense of direction that helps you to pinpoint an industry, or specific role within an industry, where you can grow and succeed.

CareersKitchen can offer this and much more.

Are you someone who is yet to find a career path that suits your skill set and future goals? CareersKitchen can provide you with the clarity and guidance needed to find job opportunities and change your life. And you can get started today for FREE!

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Change Career Paths

No matter how successful or established you are in your current industry; there comes a time where many people feel the need to explore new job opportunities. For some, this is due to being unhappy with their current job or simply wanting a new challenge.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a change, CareerKitchen can help you to start fresh and create a new, exciting career path!

Are you someone who wants more from your career and is in desperate need of a change? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. CareersKitchen can help you to identify a new career path that suits your strengths, expertise and professional interests. Sign up today to get your FREE account and get premium access for a year for only £60 / $85.

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