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The idea for CareersKitchen all started stewing a few years ago…

When I was at University, my peers were full of drive and passion pursuing a multitude of diverse interests.

 It was such an inspiring time! 

Then we graduated...

and I watched my peers struggle to match their job choice with what was meaningful to them. It seemed their passion was lost in translation with the reality of the job market. I watched many aspiring young professionals new to the job market randomly apply to positions and make career decisions not inspired by what they really wanted to do, but rather based on the status of a firm. 

There didn’t seem to be any structure to support the process of deciding on and pursuing a career. 

Fast forward a few years...

many of the same people I went to University with who were once alive with excitement and possibility, are now in their 2nd job  feeling unfulfilled. The thrill of earning their ‘first salary' has worn off and the 'reality' of doing unfulfilling work day in and day out, has sunk in. I observed many of them after years in a job that didn’t suit them, asking themselves

What do I really want?

What does success look like to me?

How can I work towards a career that is both meaningful and that I am good at?

I started to wonder how much potential is being wasted by misaligning careers and people.

I decided to take action!

Without a doubt this was a path that was meaningful to me! 

So I founded CareersKitchen with the mission to help early professionals make wiser career decisions based on a clear understanding of what suits their unique skill set and what work will fulfill them.

I wanted this to be widely accessible, therefore it is a fully digital and affordable program that anyone can go through on their own time to refine their career vision. Beyond our personal experiences, we created this digital program because we are deeply inspired by helping people achieve success in careers that they are passionate about.

It is our purpose to provide as many people as we can with an accessible, affordable way to gain clarity on what a meaningful career is to them, discover the strengths they can leverage, and powerfully progress towards a career that truly fulfils them.

Our purpose is based on three core beliefs

Meaningful Work is Impactful Work

Meaningful work drives a well lived life

Self Discovery Supports Self Confidence

Follow intuition and use self discovery to guide you

Everybody Has a Part to Play

Everybody has an equally important part to play

Gain clarity and confidence about your career path!

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