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CareersKitchen’s unique career development program has been carefully designed to help you understand your career options, find and pursue your first job, or get that dream position you’ve been working towards.

Sign up to our user-friendly digital platform and benefit from action-orientated career advice, psychometric insights and data-driven tools that will help you identify a career path which best suits your needs and promises a fulfilling future.

Need some expert advice on how to identify a company culture and opportunity that’s right for you, and secure the role? We provide one-to-one coaching services to help you achieve your ambitions faster. Sign up today, and start your journey towards the career you deserve.

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So what exactly is in the program?

how do you get started with the program that will put you on a career path of your dreams?

The first step is to sign up and create an account. From here, you can choose whether to start with the first activity for free, or gain full access to the paid program, which includes all levels and activities that will help to build your career.

Want to Do - The Initial Stage Of The Program

This initial stage of the program is designed to help you develop a more precise awareness of what holds the most value for you in regards to your career as well as what types of tasks engage and excite you the most. With this knowledge and the assistance of scientific models, we will help you to explore and define the type of industry, company or even specific role that will suit you the most. We will also teach you about company cultures and career structures to aid you in the search for your ideal job.

Using a range of coaching activities, we will help you to explore the various aspects of a career that you deem to be meaningful, fulfilling and give you a better idea of what you want to achieve in the short and long-term. Our coaching techniques aren't just for highlighting the positive thoughts and feelings you have about your career; it's also beneficial for bringing uncertainties and concerns to the surface so that they can be dealt with later on in the program.

Can Do - The Second Stage Of The Program

The second stage of the program, 'Can Do', is vital for your career path as it encourages in-depth self-reflection and an appreciation for your skillset that lays the groundwork for the rest of your professional life. Here, we use psychometrics (also used by recruiters) to work closely with you to discover your strengths, natural abilities and uncover any hidden talents that can be transferred to a professional environment. We will also make role recommendations and point out any areas in which you could develop your skills.

This stage not only provides you with a more well-rounded view of your strengths as a professional but also gives you the ability to demonstrate your value to potential employers. Knowing how to speak the language of HR is a vital talent for future interviews and adopting a more strategic mindset towards job selection and choosing a career path to suit your needs.

Taking Action - The Third Stage Of The Program

As you can probably guess from the title, this is the stage where we use our research and preparation to create a personalised, strategic approach for how to pursue and achieve your career aspirations. Often it's a lack of direction and goals that makes the career path so difficult for young, hungry professionals.

Fortunately, our program is designed to provide actionable goals that are based on the data from our tools and resources. With this plan, you will not only have tangible goals in place to give you the motivation, and a visible path to follow but also find ways to include aspects of your career path that you are still unsure about. Every opportunity and inkling of potential is explored to ensure that you receive the most beneficial career advice. For each goal, we will observe your progress and take action. As you gain confidence and progression becomes easier, we will help you to implement a growth mindset that allows you to tackle any confidence issues that may hold you back.

Ongoing Support - After Your Course Is Completed

CareersKitchen isn't your average job coach; we care about your long-term success and ongoing progression. Therefore, we feel that it is essential to offer a personalised support system for the entirety of the 12 month membership period. With this, you will have access to additional resources such as interview guides, and also the freedom to reach out to our team for continued support and affordable coaching sessions. We are continually scheming and creating new ways to help our users, so keep an eye out for new features as and when they are released.

You Will Walk Away From The Program With...

  • Your own career vision, tangible goals to pursue and an awareness of what direction you may want to take in your career
  • An interview guide that helps to communicate your skills and preferences effectively
  • A full understanding of your top skills and abilities
  • Ongoing goal and action tracking tool to manage your progress
  • Personalised, data-driven career advice, from recommended roles to tips on choosing the right organization
  • Areas for self-development in order to make that leap into another role or industry
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Coaching For Every Stage of Your Career

Start Your Career

Taking the first step onto the career ladder is a very exciting, often scary but ultimately brilliant journey. The tricky part is having a sense of direction that helps you to pinpoint an industry, or specific role within an industry, where you can grow and succeed.

CareersKitchen can offer this and much more.

Are you someone who is yet to find a career path that suits your skill set and future goals? CareersKitchen can provide you with the clarity and guidance needed to find job opportunities and change your life. And you can get started today for FREE!

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Change Career Paths

No matter how successful or established you are in your current industry; there comes a time where many people feel the need to explore new job opportunities. For some, this is due to being unhappy with their current job or simply wanting a new challenge.

Regardless of your reasons for wanting a change, CareerKitchen can help you to start fresh and create a new, exciting career path!

Are you someone who wants more from your career and is in desperate need of a change? Don’t worry; you’re not alone. CareersKitchen can help you to identify a new career path that suits your strengths, expertise and professional interests. Sign up today to get your FREE account and get premium access for a year for only £60 / $85.

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Case Study:

How CareersKitchen Helped David Achieve His Ambitions

This case study follows the career change journey of David. A client who, at the time of signing up for the free version of the course, was working in the financial sector. He signed up to the program with the hopes of picking up a few tips for a career change, as he spent a great deal of his spare time teaching himself how to design websites. Finance no longer interested him, and he began to feel unhappy at work and home as a result of wanting to change jobs.

Why choose CareersKitchen...

Our program is a user-friendly digital platform that’s easy to use whenever you have time. Take some training on the weekend, complete a quiz in the evening - how and when you use our program is up to you.

We help you to develop a clearer understanding of yourself as a professional. Your strengths, passions, goals and exactly what style of career path you would suit the most.

A client-focused, data-driven approach to career advice and guidance. Our program not only gives you the insight needed to define what you want from your career, but it also provides actionable strategies based on your own input.

If you require personalised, in-depth coaching you can book one-to-one sessions with an experienced job coach. This will provide more insight into choosing a career and offer career advice in real time.

Our full program provides you with a year's worth of ongoing support and resources. This is essential to continue your career progression and help you overcome any obstacles you face along the way.

We offer a FREE version of our program which includes the first activity of the ‘want to do’ stage. This gives insights into your career-related values, ideal work culture and best career structure.

The foundation of the career development journey.

Most common questions

When should I start CareersKitchen?

If you are currently thinking about your future career or are looking to switch positions within the next 2-4 months, then we can help. If you are looking to get your first job or switch positions a few months from now, you should start narrowing down your focus now to set yourself up with the best possible opportunities.

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