How can a career coach help me?

Why do I need a coach?

You might say, "I'm doing fine, I just need more time", or you think "I'm just getting started, I will figure it out along the way." The truth is, it is hard to define the right path to achieving your goals, to discipline yourself throughout, and to keep going all by yourself.

Well a coach can help you gain clarity, keeps you on track and assists in self evaluation. They help you clear that path for greatness.

Because, yes, it's hard when you are starting out and really your focus is just on getting a job and earning money.

And then when you are a few years down the track, it's about keeping the momentum, paying bills and managing every challenge life throws at you. So you keep doing what you need to do in order to pay those bills and "keep going" .

But does this "keep on going" mentality really bring you happiness? Are you becoming your best self?

I wanted to share this TED talk video below. I'm not in the medical profession but the example of it hit home for me. When you face adversity, a coach is there to help you work on your strengths and acknowledge where you can improve.... and that leads to the greatness you can achieve.

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