Achieve Your Career Ambitions With CareersKitchen

If someone asked you ‘what is your dream job?’ how would you answer?

Many of us have no idea what we want to do or what style of career path would suit us most.

And for those of us who do, securing the right job opportunity can feel like an insurmountable challenge.

We have a solution for these exact dilemmas.

Pursue your ideal career to achieve success & happiness

CareersKitchen is a digital program that uses guided activities, accredited assessments, and 1-on-1 coaching support to help you discover your career goals and take action. On top of that, we use market insights to match you to your ideal career and provide ongoing resources to accelerate your job search.

  1. One stop shop for your career
    Our comprehensive program provides you with tangible results that allow you to realize your career goals, while ongoing support helps you to make those goals a reality.
  2. Personalized advice and support
    Our guided activities, psychometric assessments, and 1-on-1 coaching sessions are designed to align you and your goals with current market demand.
  3. Anywhere and anytime
    Our online career development program is entirely digital and user-friendly, giving you the freedom to work at your own pace from any location. 

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Why sign up to CareersKitchen?

  • We use market insights to match you to the market
  • We help you develop a structured, efficient approach to career planning & job hunting
  • We guide you through interview prep, so you can pitch yourself effectively
  • We offer ongoing support and guidance to give you the best possible chance of long-term success
  • Our user-friendly, convenient digital platform gives you maximum results with minimal disruption to your daily life
More about the program

You will walk away from the program with...

  • Your own career vision, tangible goals to pursue and an awareness of what direction you may want to take in your career
  • A full understanding of your top skills and abilities
  • Personalised, data-driven career advice, from recommended roles to tips on choosing the right organisation
  • An interview guide that helps to communicate your skills and preferences effectively
  • Ongoing goal and action tracking tool to manage your progress 
  • Areas for self-development in order to make that leap into another role or industry
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What our members say about the program

It was super exciting to use a career coaching platform like this which I have longed for so long. This has helped me to reflect upon my values, beliefs, skills and possibilities and define a career strategy. Earlier, I had taken career advice from my seniors, friends etc.. However, I never felt that adequate as everybody gave their point of view rather than a holistic career coaching. This unique digital platform gave me a 360 degree view of myself and helped to create a suitable career plan. I will strongly recommend this platform to anyone who is looking for a meaningful career coaching.

Sanjib, Senior Digital Consultant

Gain clarity & confidence in your career path by...

  1. Discovering what company culture is likely to suit you best
  2. Discovering what organisation type is likely to suit you best
  3. Identifying your top 5 values that could affect your choices

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Most common questions

When should I start CareersKitchen?

If you are currently thinking about your future career or are looking to switch positions within the next 2-4 months, then we can help. If you are looking to get your first job or switch positions a few months from now, you should start narrowing down your focus now to set yourself up with the best possible opportunities.

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